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Retreats and Courses 2021

6-day Individual Guided Retreats (English)
Retreat Team:
Michael Ertl SVD, José Antonio Gomez SVD,
Kulandaisamy Soosai SVD, Tim Norton SVD

Our religious life tradition recommends that we to take “time out” every year to have a “retreat”. Most of us know the so-called “preached retreat”, in which a resource person talks about a specific theme.
However, it may be that you feel the need of “your own” place and time to focus on what’s important (or happening) between God and you.
The individually guided retreat offers you the time and the opportunity to pay attention to God and to be more aware of God’s work in your life. It also provides space to pray and to reflect on your life, to consider decisions you need to make and priorities you want to set.
The personal retreats in “Centro ad Gentes” are based on the Spiritual Exercises and the Ignatian Tradition. You are provided with a personal retreat guide with whom you meet each day and who will help you to focus, reflect and discern.
The retreats are held in silence. The beautiful rural setting of our “Centro ad Gentes” provides a sacred place that is conducive to prayer.

April: Sunday 04 –> Saturday 10
May: Sunday 30 May –> Saturday 05 June
June: Sunday 20 -> Saturday 26 (Spanish)
June: Sunday 27 –> Saturday 03 July

July: Sunday 04 –> Saturday 10
September: Saturday 19 –> Saturday 25
November: Sunday 28 –> Sunday 04 December

* All Preached and Guided Retreats: begin with cena 1st Day end with pranzo last Day

Note: Guided retreats may also be arranged on an individual basis throughout the year depending on available dates and languages.


Spirituality & Interculturality: Expanding our image of God to include more fully ‘the other’ so we can make place at God’s table for all people (Tim Norton, SVD)

3-days Interculturality workshop

(Tim Norton, SVD)

May: 27 – 29 (Spanish)
June 10 – 12 (English)
October 14 – 16 (Italian)

Workshop - Emotional Intelligence

(P. Samy, SVD)

Emotions play an important role in determining the quality of our life and relationships. This workshop will help facilitate participants' ability to recognize and own their positive and negative emotions and regulate them for harmonious and meaningful living.

April: Monday 19 – Saturday 24

Bibliodrama/Bibliolog Retreat

(Sr. Anna Damas, SSpS; Bro. Michael Ertl, SVD)

A retreat centred around the Bible. The blended mode of individual accompaniment and various creative approaches to the Bible in a group helps the participants to encounter the Word of God in a deeply personal way.

May: Sunday 02 – Saturday 08

Semi Preached Retreat: “Fully Human, Fully Alive”

(P. Samy, SVD)

During this inward journey retreat, with one talk each day, retreatants will be guided to experience the face of God in all moments of their lives and to embrace each moment following the example of Blessed Mary to become fully human and fully alive.

May: Sunday 09 – Saturday 15

Bibliolog Workshop

(Sr. Anna Damas, SSpS; Bro. Michael Ertl, SVD)

Bibliolog is a new and creative approach to the Bible. This workshop will enable the participants to experience and to learn how to apply this method for different groups working with the Bible.

May: Thursday 13 – Sunday 16

Workshop - Interpersonal Soft Skills

(P. Samy, SVD)

This workshop consists of presentations and group dynamics. It aims at enhancing one's attitude, temperament, communication and problem-solving skills in families, religious communities and work situations.

July: Sunday 18 – Wednesday 21

Interculturality and Spirituality - Preached Retreat

(English - Tim Norton, SVD)

September: Sunday 5 – Saturday 11

"There are many parts but one body” (1Cor 12:20)

Preached Retreat in Bahasa (Indonesia)
Religious Life Rooted in the Word of God

(P. Valentino Beo, SVD)

Understanding the journey of religious life (vocation) in the light of the Word of God. Reading the challenges and opportunities in the concrete situation of our world today

August: Sunday 22 – Saturday 28

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